The Legend of Rawhide  

Lusk, Wyoming - Home of the Legend of Rawhide (Click above for a larger image) Lusk, Wyoming is located on the eastern edge of the state at the junction of Highways 85 and 20. The county seat and largest population center of Niobrara County, which is itself the least populated county in the state of Wyoming. Lusk and Niobrara County are situated between several major tourist attractions and makes a wonderful stop off point on one's trips to see the wonders of the American west. Whether you're headed to Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Devil's Tower, or any of inumerable other locations Lusk is on your way! So on your family outing this summer, make plans to stop through Lusk and experience a piece of Western heritage at the Legend of Rawhide.

Legend of Rawhide
P.O. Box 806
Lusk, WY 82225